Construction choices and techniques

I use a a special method of construction to make wallets. This method is very time consuming, tedious and rarely done. It is required however to make a wallet that will be beautiful and luxurious.

I line all surfaces of my wallets so that there is no scruffy flesh side of the leather present. This requires leather to be split very thin and strategically skived. I am most proud of the construction of my card slots.

These card slots are made from 1 piece of folded leather. This allows for the grain side of the leather to make up both the outside and inside of the card slot, as well as the top edge to remain beautiful with use. If the card slot edges were painted or burnished, they would become ragged with use. To further enhance the appearance of the card slot banks, I carefully carve out the backside of the leather where card slots will overlap. Through this technique, there will be no unsightly gaps between slots and the edge of the wallet will be flush, not lumpy. Below is an image showing the indention created where the second card slot will be affixed: