Camo Vachetta Panerai Watch Strap - Red

Camo Vachetta Panerai Watch Strap - Red

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This Panerai strap is hand crafted from Camo Vachetta leather. This Italian Vachetta comes from an artisanal tannery in Tuscany. Vachetta leather is known for its supple nature and rich aroma as well as its ability to age gracefully.

This thick strap provides great structure to carry your Luminor or Radiomir comfortably on your wrist while remaining supple.

Material: Full-grain vegetable-tanned leather

Thickness: 4 mm

1 floating keeper

6 OEM style oval holes, spaced 6mm apart (center to center), starting 42mm from the tip

Brushed or polished Stainless Steel buckle

Hand saddle-stitched with high quality Polyester thread

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Strap Specifications

  • These straps are 4.5mm thick and 1.4mm thick around the lugs.

  • Features one oversized floating keeper and an optional stainless steel Pre-V buckle.

  • 5 x 4mm holes, spaced 8mm apart (center to center), starting 42mm from the tip.

This strap is made from Camouflage Italian “Vacchetta”, a very particular leather from an artisanal tannery in Tuscany. It is tanned with extracts of bark and liquored with animal fats inside wooden barrels. It is then dyed with aniline (transparent) colorings and air dried.

Unlike most leathers tanned using plastic pigmentations, the use of aniline dyes preserves the nature of the leather and exalts the unique features of each and every hide. This is truly unique, as most tanneries, in their quest for uniformity, use much harsher processes to hide and disguise the individual nature of the hides. This leather has no secrets or tricks, everything on the hide is presented to be valued aesthetically and texturally.