Slim Wallet - Italian Camo Veg-tan Leather

Slim Wallet - Italian Camo Veg-tan Leather


This slim wallet is hand crafted from a hefty 5oz red camo leather with a medium-soft temper, it easily folds, and makes for a very comfortable pocket feel. Italian veg-tan is highly regarded for the depth of color it acquires with use, and over time this leather will darken and grow richer.

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This wallet features an exterior card pocket (capable of holding 6+ cards), and an interior pocket for a wad of half-folded cash, receipts, or even more cards.

This wallet is made from Italian Camo Vachetta and is hand saddle-stitched with phenomenally strong Bonded Polyester thread. All edges are burnished and polished to a matte luster.

All Vulture items are born from the leather. These leathers are scavenged from around the world, then tanned with extracts of bark and liquored with animal fats inside wooden barrels, dyed with aniline (transparent) colorings, air dried, and polished.

Each item begins by gauging the temper and properties of a new leather and then creating a design to highlight and showcase these unique properties. Often times, I will pair leathers of similar tempers for nice visual and textural contrast.