Where is Buttero leather from?

Buttero leather is from the Conceria Walpier tannery founded in 1973 and currently run by the son of the founder. This tannery is located in San Miniato, Italy, in the heart of the Tuscan leather district - home to the highest quality vegetable tanned leather producers in the world. Specializing in tanning bovine shoulders of French origin, Conceria Walpier has been producing stellar leathers for over 45 years.

As a member of the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, this tannery, its leather, and methods are held to the highest of standards. These standards apply to the leather produced, the manner in which it is produced, and extends even to the business practices of the tannery. A complete explanation of the Consortium as well as the standards and practices of the partner tanneries can be viewed on the consortium’s website.

What is the finish of Camo Vachetta leather?

Buttero has a luxurious, smooth, semi-gloss finish. As a vegetable tanned leather, it is tanned with extracts of bark and liquored with animal fats inside wooden barrels. It is then dyed with aniline (transparent) colorings, air dried, and polished. Unlike most leathers tanned using plastic pigmentations, the use of aniline dyes preserves the nature of the leather and exalts the unique features of each and every hide. This is truly unique, as most tanneries, in their quest for uniformity, use much harsher processes to hide and disguise the individual nature of the hides. This leather has no secrets or tricks, everything on the hide is presented to be valued aesthetically and texturally.

What is the temper of Buttero leather?

Italian Buttero has a firm temper, making it perfect for small leather goods, especially wallet interiors.

How does Buttero leather age?

Buttero is a very unique leather, especially in terms of aging. Having no coating or finish applied, in the beginning, it scratches quite easily. With abrasion, the oils from your hands, and various environmental factors, the scratches will begin to fade as the leather darkens and is further polished by use. Those initial scratches really add an interesting visual depth as they become the base of the eventual patina that will develop.


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